I’m Clare McCarthy, a York-based content designer with nearly 10 years experience working on government-led and funded projects at a variety of levels of seniority, including lead. Along the way I’ve racked up a variety of core and peripheral skills, including user-centred design and research practices, git prototyping, and stakeholder engagement.

I’ve been lucky to have found a career that I feel passionately about. To understand and be understood is one of the most fundamental of human drivers. Content design suits both my love of words and my bordering-on-obsessive need for sense making.

By day I design content for public sector clients such as HMRC, Defra, NCSC and DfT. By night, I’m a gamer, voracious reader, horror film nerd, text-based RPG mapper, hyperfocused pastry baker, sometime piano player and substandard knitter.

My passions are tolerated by my long-suffering husband Replete, overindulged cat Errol, and bunny-adoring 2 year old, Matilda.